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Bo Shin Shoot

September 12, 2012

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Bo Shin. She came all the way up form Alabama. I thought that, in itself, was pretty exciting. Never shot anybody from Alabama before. So I hear knocking on the studio door and when I open it there is Bo and her friend John standing there. I wasn't expecting her to bring a friend. Big John as I called him from then on was around 6'4" 340lbs. Huge guy. Looked like one of those NFL linebackers. Nicest person ever but huge. I got a good story about him later. Bo was so much fun to work with. What a character. She had booked the shoot with me months in advance and was all excited!!! Love working with that kind of energy. So positive and pupped up. If everyone in Alabama is that much fun I think I better plan a trip down south! lol. Below are a few shots from the shoot. We did a lot of in studio fitness shots then moved outdoors to do some shooting on the beach. Shooting on the beach in the afternoon sun. Can't go wrong with that combo. 

Bo ShinBo Shin

Big John blocking the sun and scaring away all the creepers. Hahaha. So two shirtless dudes on bikes see Bo looking all glamed up in a sexy green bikini and decide to stop and chat. Dude gets off his bike claiming he's a photographer and exuberantly starts chatting up the model with a big smile on his face. As he comes around the corner he sees all 6'4" 340lbs of Big John standing there holding a scrim. Dude's smile disappears rather quickly and suddenly he's out of questions as he back peddles towards his bike. Hahahaha. That totally made my day. We all got a good laugh out of that.   
Pic for the blog...

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    Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Melissa Leigh Morrison while she was in Toronto. It was just a quick shoot before she flew off again. Melissa's always a pleasure to work with. We got a little goofy and made some silly videos while we were shooting. My philosophy towards photography has always been about having fun with the camera and we certainly did that. I find that when you and the model can let loose and just have fun then the pictures turnout amazing.

    I wanted to include the pictures from the shoot in this blog but i've been so swamped lately. I'll set up a new blog with the sexy shots soon so stay tuned. ;)

    You can chekout Melissa's fan page here

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      June 26, 2012

      I shot these images for in the Dominican Republic. I've had a few spotlight features on their webpage as well it was pretty exciting. You can check them out in my tearsheets gallery. For those of you familiar with, is basically like a modelmayhem type webpage specifically designed for fitness models and competitors. If you're into fitness modelling or are looking to shoot some fitness models go check it out. 

      The top shot of Ashley Marie was a lot of fun. The sun had just set behind the palm trees So I had to balance the the speedlights with the ambient light to get the background exposed properly. Took a little thinking but the extra effort really made the image vibrant and colourful. I wish I could shoot on a beach all the time. lol. 

      Ashley Marie
      View picture on my webpage.

      Caithleen H
      View picture on my webpage.

      View picture on my webpage.

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        I shot a fun series of commercial shots for Shoeless Joe's on King & Duncan, the other day. It was an exciting shoot. They were looking for some content that they could work into future ad campaigns and promotional material. Sexy women holding beers, pub food, sports equipment etc. The shots came out pretty sexy. Well as sexy as it could get without being too riske for customers.  I guess that's the trick in the corporate world. Crossing that "too sexy" line is all too easy. So it becomes tricky at times. You have to be sexy but keep it "dinner with the family" sexy.

        Shoeless Joe's were looking for some faces so I suggested a few models I've worked with. I always try and promote the people I work with the most. In the end they chose Rachelle Wilde. Good choice. Super sexy Playboy cover model. Her popularity is starting to take off. So you'll be seeing more pictures of Rachelle published. And I'm sure all you guys are happy about that.

        Best part of the shoot was all the food left at the studio afterwords. Score!!!!!! No complaints from me on that.

        Just want to say thanks to Stephanie for choosing to work with Vasko Photography. I had a lot of fun at the shoot. It was a pleasure to work with you again. And ladies and gentleman if you want to hang out at an awesome sports bar check out Shoeless Joe's at King & Duncan. 276 King West right in Toronto's Entertainment District. I recommend the Redonkulous Burger or the chicken wings.

        Here is a teaser shot from the shoot. I'll post the final shots on the blog once the ads are finished by Shoeless Joe's. :)
        Rachelle Wilde for Shoeless Joe's

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          Irina shoot

          March 30, 2012

          Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Irina Andrea again. She's so much fun to work with, awesome figure, totally down to earth, loves salted nuts and co-owns Yogabooty. hahahah. Seriously, she couldn't stop eating the nuts. hahahah. We were planning to do a commercial shoot plus some sexy stuff for magazine submissions but the weather went kinda sideways on us. In my experience it's hard to sell happy fun smily commercial shots when the sky is grey. It just doesn't work. So we scrapped the commercial shots for this round and went straight to the sexy stuff!!!!

          The location was tricky. One wall was all windows, so lots of defused natural light flooded into the room. But natural light has it's ups and downs. The downside is it's always changing. It was a little tricky constantly adjusting my lights to balance the natural light. This was a situation where speedlights would have come in really handy. It was a good challenge. I had to constantly make sure I was on point all the time. The shots came out amazing. I can't wait to go back there and shoot the commercial stuff we had planned to do.

          Here is my favourite shot from the shoot as well as a headshot and some BTS shots. Bracelets by: Ashley Howard and shirt from: Sunday Valentine. This shot came out amazing. I love the lighting and the feel. That shirt is also awesome. When Irina showed me her wardrobe that shirt was the first thing I noticed. I said I wanted to shoot it this summer up on my farm, but I couldn't resist shooting at this shoot as well. Something about it was inspiring. But I'm still going to shoot it again up on my farm as well. lol. 
          Irina Couch
          View image in gallery.

          Here is a headshot of Irina looking out the window. Just a nice soft beautiful shot. Very simple very clean. A woman looking out the window smiling, pondering life. 
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          This picture is hilarious. Irina posted it on Facebook and it got a lot of funny responses. Apparently it's rude to put your feet on someone's coffee table. . . But I'm a photographer. It's socially acceptable for us to stand on anything including coffee tables. lol.
          BTS - Irinia coffee table

          Blurry iphone shot. It really has no purpose. 
          BTS - Irinia shoot

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