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A little Beauty

March 02, 2012

You never know when creativity will strike. Sometimes all it takes is a glance from a beautiful pair of brown eyes to to get you going. The other night I was hanging out with Liza and her friend Allana, both aspiring makeup artists. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them on my blog over the course of the year. I've known Liza for years and when she decided to go to makeup school I was excited. From what I've seen so far I'm totally impressed. She's a perfectionist and uber talented. I'm not just saying that because she's a friend but I honestly believe she's got IT. In any case the other night I started taking some pictures of her for fun and it started developing into something really interesting. Somewhere amidst the laughs I felt that inspiration starting to bubble up. I pulled out some old Christmas lights and stuck a beat up old 50mm lens on my camera and started shooting some long exposures freezing the frame with a 580EX. Only took about 10 shots in this style but I was blown away by how they turned out. Liza's eyes are stunning. These are my three favourite shots. I certainly hope Liza let's me shoot her again :) 

Beauty Shoot
Beauty Shoot
Beauty Shoot
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    Vladi & Sara

    February 20, 2012

    Here are two more shots form a trip to Los Cabos Mexico. Vladi in the green bikini and Sara in the blue bikini. I shot Vladi in the afternoon with some hazy cloud cover. Hazy days are not always bad. If you balance your exposure properly you can get a really soft dreamy light. Shot at 200mm and a shallow DOF to create a creamy soft background. I was debating on leaving the foot prints in the sand in front of the model. In the end I decided they weren't overly visually disturbing so I let them in the shot. I shot sarah at 8am. I wanted to shoot her in the morning light before the sun got to high and bright. By the time we get around to this shot it was probably closer to 9am. The sun was bright enough to create a distinct shadow behind her but not bright enough to blow out her skin. It was a tricky exposure but we got it. 

    Link to picture in my gallery

    Sara Balint
    Link to picture in my gallery

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      Britt C for Eilte

      February 16, 2012

      This is actually pretty frikin cool. I'm totally stoked. Elite Model Management is using my pictures in Brittany's model profile. I know it probably doesn't mean much to most, but to me it's a big deal. wow!!! Awesome!!! egg-cited!!!!

      Britt C for Elite

      Check out more tearsheet images here

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        Floating away

        February 11, 2012

        This is one of my favourite images from 2011. There's is a magical imaginative element to it that excites me. It almost looks as if the model is floating away. Again it happened at the end of a shoot. We had shot all the concepts we wanted and were getting ready to head out the door when I had an idea. A "what if". So we took a few moments to set it up. Simple one light setup, one pose and bang bang bang. Took about 10 shots. I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity. This was the resulting image. I love it. Erin is one of my favourite models to work with because she let's me experiment. As a creative individual that's what I love best. Those moments of experimentation. The job is done, you've shot everything you had to shoot and now you're free to play. To let your imagination take over completely without worrying about completing your shot list. 

        Floating Away

        You can see this shot in the retro-glam gallery on my webpage. 

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          TV Host Talia Russo

          January 19, 2012

          I had the pleasure of working with Talia Russo the other day. Our first shoot since 2010. It was great to see Talia again. We reminisced on the fun we had back working together back in the day. She called me a few days ago and wanted to book a shoot right away! No problem. I had some time open and the rest is history. It's such a unique experience when you get the chance to work with a client you haven't seen in a long time. It's like catching up with an old friend. The connection was there instantly. We shot a couple of looks but this natural sunlight set was, by far, my favourite. There's something so simple and beautiful about shooting with natural light. It's a skill I'm constantly working on. 

          You can check out Talia Sunday mornings at 11am on CTV Two as she hosts her show Around Town. Check it out. We were talking about featuring a segment on Vasko Photography on one of her shows. Stay tuned. If something happens i'll post it on my blog. Keeping Fingers crossed.  

          Talia Russo
          Link to picture in my gallery.

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