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Rachelle Wilde

January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th. . . For those of you who are superstitious don't read this blog post. lol. Just having some fun. Here are some new pictures of Playboy cover model Rachelle Wilde. She's so much fun to work with. What a riot. You can't really tell in these shots because they're full body shots, but if you ever meet her in real life, she has the most captivating eye. There's something wild, fiery and mysterious in those eyes that keeps you wanting to look back. Watch out. 

Ok so here are 4 new images of Rachelle Wilde. I have some behind the scenes videos linked below for those of you who missed the video blog. This set was shot at sunset. It was a beautiful scene. The sky was literally pink. The sunset glow was spreading a pink colour cast on everything. I don't know how to describe it. It was just awesomesauce. I think we were all a little awed. It was a totally unique shooting environment and I wanted to capture it. However it was tricky. The ambient light was really low so I had to compensate by lowering my flash power to it's lowest setting and bumping up the ISO to 2500. Photography is all about constantly making adjustments to balance light. If my flash power was too high than the background would have been too dark. If I tried to freeze the subject with the flash and drag the shutter to get more ambient light then the subject would have been too bight and I would have lost the pink glow. I know it sounds totally counter intuitive, but I lowered the power output of the flash to it's minimum in order to brighten up the image. Instead I used the ISO to light the image and used the flash to balance the light coming from the sky behind the model. The only drawback here is that the sky became over exposed, but I managed to preserve the magical pink glow which was my intention. 
Rachelle Wilde

Rachelle Wilde
Link to picures in gallery.

This second set of images was shot earlier in the day. I had scouted this small clearing in the jungle just beyond the resort. The opening in the canopy was just big enough to let a good amount of natural light flood to the jungle floor. Natural light is always a huge bonus if you can work it into a shot. In the first shot I put a palm tree branch in front of the model. In retrospect maybe it's more of a distraction but at the time my thinking was to breakup the monotony of legs being cropped at mid thigh at the bottom of the frame. I wanted the model to interact with the jungle instead of just posing in front of the jungle. I really love the vibrance of the colours and the sun's glow over the model's right shoulder. 
Rachelle Wilde

The second Image ties in with the lighting explanation of the first image. In this situation the jungle background was too distracting so I bumped up the power of the flash and decreased the aperture to darken the background. I just wanted a little hint of jungle created by the sun. Everything in shadow tuned black. I'm really happy with the way this one tuned out as well. Can't wait to go back down south and shoot more. 
Rachelle Wilde
link to pictures in gallery

Behind the scenes videos blog post

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    December 12, 2011

    Here are two new picture of Caithleen. I met her about a year ago while shooting in the Dominican Republic. That's the beauty of traveling you never know who you'll meet. This past August Caithleen was in Toronto for the WBFF competition and she booked a shoot with me. What was supposed to be a half day 4 hour shoot quickly turned into 10 hours. Time just seemed to fly by. We got some totally killer shots including these two. The top one could potentially get published in a magazine so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for that. Also have a ton more content for submissions. I want to turn the bottom image into an Everlast advertisement as part of my concept ad project. I have a few concepts i'm going to bounce of some colleagues to refine the idea.

    Here are the shots. Enjoy.  
    Link to images on my webpage




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      Bikini shoot with Erin

      November 19, 2011

      I've gotten a lot of questions from people asking how I shot this image so I thought I'd make a little blog post. I shot this in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at Lover's Beach. That's the beach with the iconic lover's arch you see in travel brochures. Link to pictures.

      This picture was shot at about 11:30am-ish. The sky was a little hazy which was a bonus because it defused the light a little. I setup the shot so the sun was up and to the right behind the model. That's what creates that beautiful edge light on her arms and hair light effect oh her hair. Most importantly it adds an elect of depth to the lighting. Nobody likes flat looking shots. The sand on the beach acted as a giant reflector so I got a lot of that sunlight bouncing back to the model. All I had with me in terms of gear was my 5DmkII, 70-200mm f2.8L and a 580EXII speed light. Camera setting were 1/1600 F4.0 ISO 400. I had the 70-200mm at the long end to create the shallow depth of field. I really love the shallow DOF look. The 580EXII was set to -1 power. I just wanted to use it as a fill flash to brighten up any dark spots. That's all there is to it. Very simple, not to much fuss.

      If there was one thing I would change about this image it would be the composition. I'd crop it a little tighter on the right calf. Other than that i'm pretty satisfied with this shot.

      Oh and today is Erin's birthday, So happy birthday to Erin. Best wishes. You're one of my favourite models to work with. See you at the party tongiht. 


      Erin English

      The Beach. I'd love to go back for another shoot. 


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        November 16, 2011

        As some of you may know I'm transitioning my portfolio towards fashion. It's a constant learning experience and by no means do I consider myself a qualified fashion photographer but It is my hope that one day I can make a shiny new business card that proudly says "Fashion Photographer"


Here are some new shots I did with Brittany form Elite Model Management. It was a pleasure to work with her and she lives down the street from my studio so I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more shots of her in my portfolio. I know these pictures aren’t exactly “fashion” in the purest sense, but more of a Victoria Secret fashion/glam. This first set was purely experimental. I put some lights directly behind Brittany with a star filter and POW! They came out amazing.


Pictures on


The interesting thing I noticed at this shoot was the difference between a glamour model shooting fashion and a fashion model shooting glamour. When I try to shoot fashion with a glamour model the glamour expressions always comes through in the models face. In the end it’s not so bad because adding a little sexy eyes to a fashion shot builds up the sexual tension. However, doing the opposite and shooting a fashion model in glamour poses leads to sexy poses with fashion eyes. lol. It was interesting to note the difference.

        It was fun working with Brittany we managed to shoot several different looks i’ll post them up in my blog as I edit them.


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          November 05, 2011

          Here are some recent pictures of one of my favorite models to work with. Every shoot with Ashley seems to lead to something new and exciting. I guess it's the familiarity we've developed over the past two years that's let the creativity flow. It's been great so far. Oh and if you want to see more of Ashley I believe she's on the cover of Playboy special edition this month with Rachelle Wild. Another one of my favorite models to work with. Go check them out. 

          This first shot, I honestly don't remember what our original concept was. It certainly wasn't this final image. But this is what it evolved into. For me it's such a treat to work with someone who lets me experiment. That's the part of the job that I really love. Just letting loose and feeling the creativity flow. One idea feeds off another then it merges with some concept that's bouncing around in my imagination and then the lighting is tweaked and bam! I've created something new and exciting for my portfolio. The one lesson i've learned from all this experimenting is: write stuff down! It's easy to get caught up in the moment but always take a moment to write down/draw out what you've done. It will save you a lot of frustration when you try and recreate the look :)

          I really enjoy this shot. We shot this in the Dominican Republic. The sun had just gone below the horizon and we were a good half hour walk from the resort. There was a bit of a rush to get a move on, but I had an idea I wanted to capture. Just a few more shots. I wanted to experiment with this moonlight effect I was working on. Im certainly glad I took the extra time at the end of the shoot to capture these shots. Turned out they were my favorite shots of the day. Funny how that usually works out. You shoot for 6 hours and the images you capture in the last twenty minutes always seem to be the most intriguing. Does that happen to you guys too? Something about being rushed helps me focus on exactly what I want. 

          You can see some behind the scenes footage from the above shoot on the link below.

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