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First 30 Project

April 17, 2011

I was sitting around one day and I had an interesting idea.

A lot of people have been asking if I do workshops. To which I reply “no”. But it got me thinking. What if I did do a workshop, how would I plan it, what would I teach, who would I teach? The idea of a traditional workshop didn’t really appeal to me. Someone comes in, I show them a few basic concepts, I take their money and “see you later”. It’s so cold and impersonal. How could I change that? How could I make it better? I also didn’t want to do a workshop on something as simple as lighting or composition. I’d get bored, you’d get bored, there’s a million books and webpages devoted to those topics already. I’d just be running in circles repeating what everyone else has already said. I don’t like following the same path everyone else has taken, there’s nothing exciting about that. I’m more of an outside the box thinker. So I went back into brainstorming mode and through to myself, what am I good at, what can I teach people and have some fun with. Then it hit me, creativity. I could teach people how to apply more creativity to their work. How to see things more creatively, how to shoot more creatively and most importantly, how to stop being afraid of exposing their creativity. Just let it go. I also knew I didn’t want to do a 5 hour workshop than, “see you later”. It’s so impersonal. I’d rather crate a workshop that lasts longer and get to know the people participating.

A lot of what I see in portfolios is what I refer to as snapshots. Photographers just pushing the button without putting much thought into it. Here’s a model, here’s some lights, bang bang bang. We’ve all done it. Not that there is anything wrong with it. But lets face it, if you put a beautiful women in a bikini and have her frolicking around on the beach you’ll get a hot shot. It’s the law of averages. You take 100 shots you’ll end up with at least one “it” shot. But what if you took one picture and got one “it” shot. What if you sat down and really planned out your photo shoot before you started shooting. Now you’re changing the game. Rather than taking snapshots you’re taking photographs with depth, character and artistic value. Now you’re creating magic. To me, that’s what real photography is all about.

Here is what I’m going to do. “The First 30 Project” I am going to accept the first 30 photographers that sign up for this project. First come first serve. Please finish reading before you rush to sign up. Photographers can be of any skill level, no experience necessary. You could have just picked up your first camera or you could be a seasoned vet. This is all about challenging your creative limits and pushing through them. It’s the pre work not the post work that makes the biggest difference. I’m going to challenge each and every photographer who participates to apply their creativity to the conceptualization process of a shoot and by the end of the process every person who participates will walk away wow-ed by the photos they created. I’m really going to push you outside your creative box and challenge you.

Now here is the plan. It’s NOT going to be a one day workshop. It’s going to be a 3 month project. And here is the fun part. You’re mission if you wish to accept it, is to create one photo or a series of photos that fit(s) onto a 12 inch high by 24 inch wide double page book spread. So that’s two pages that are 12 x 12. Side by side. Your photo or photos MUST tell a story to the viewer. And the challenge is to do it in such a way that exhibits creativity and emotion. And Yes at the end of the project I will be publishing a photo book with all your work in it. Everyone who participates gets a copy. Along the way I’ll be guiding you and helping you execute your project. Anything you want to learn just ask and i’ll help you figure it out. I’ll also work in three mini lesson within the project. The three concepts I want to touch base on are creative lighting, creativity and business philosophy (how to get paid for your work) Plus a few more things I’m going to keep close to the vest for now. Oh and a book launch party! woohooo. ;) We're going to meet twice a month to discuss the project and talk ideas.

The cost of the project will be $225. Duration will be approximately 3 months. A lot of people have day jobs so this is a good chunk of time to work with. Final result, you walk away a better more learned photographer, make some new friends in the industry and you also get a 12x12 photo book with your work printed in it. Now if that doesn’t blow away the traditional concept of what a workshop is than I’m just a monkey’s uncle. lol. So now when people ask me if I do workshops i’ll say “Yes, but I do it my way”.

To sign up go to my webpage ( and fill out the contact forum on the contact page. Indicate that you want to participate in the project, your name, phone number and web link to your photography if you have one. Please note that there are only 30 spaces available and your space on the list is not confirmed till payment is received.

This is going to be exciting can’t wait to get started and i’m even more excited too see the final work.

(21 spots left)

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