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OK ladies and jellybeans Happy Holidays. Just wanted to pass this linked blog post along. It was posted in a facebook group by a fellow photographer. I thought It was pretty relevant so I'm posting it up here on my blog for those of you who follow. If you shoot wedding videos or are involved in the production of wedding videos it's worth a read. Apparently music labels are now suing wedding photography companies who use copyrighted songs without proper licensing. I guess the labels realized that there's big money in weddings and they want their share. I totally understand where they are coming from. I would be really unhappy if somebody was using my work without proper licensing. It's almost a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand I'm sure the bands probably will not see much of the licensing fee money or much of the money the labels get from suing for damages. However, on the other hand I am a huge advocate of artists of all kinds being paid for their work. So even if the music labels do take the lion's share of the pie I still agree with their action based on the principle that copyrighted work MUST be licensed. For most photographers licensing is at the core of our business. We don't shoot pictures for a living, we licence pictures for a living. But that's a discussion for another time.

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